The real estate market continues to be hot – just like the weather. Inventory levels remain below 7,800 active properties for sale in Northern Virginia. Last year at this time we had over 9,550 – quite a difference. There is pent up demand but we are lacking “really good” inventory. We have buyers that would move up if they found something suitable in a higher price points but the quality inventory situation has proved daunting.

So while the inventory remains below the 6-month norm, prices are rising in some areas but not across the board.  As you have heard me say the market is hyper local so please contact me for details.  In some areas and price points things are stagnant.

One constant is that just like the weather, things can be a little sticky…if properties get priced too high, they are sitting on the market. They are getting lookers, just no offers which at times has led to frustration for our sellers. It is important to keep in mind proper pricing today is still critical. To learn more about how I can help you with selling your home, feel free to call me.

The big news recently has been Brexit and how it will affect us in the United States. Well, virtually immediately, interest rates on mortgages dropped to three year lows. The good news is they are expected to stay this way for a while. There is speculation that International investors may sell off their holdings in the UK and invest in the US which could be good news for cities like Washington, DC, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles – let’s keep an eye out for this movement. The overall sentiment is we may not see its full impact for years but in the short term it will be good for the US housing market.

As always, I am here to help with any questions you may have regarding the Northern Virginia real estate market.

It’s a good life.