Image result for diy gone badI can’t believe I’m busting myself on my own blog.  In hindsight I’ve been grateful for the training my father gave me in the “do it yourself” realm.  My childhood went something like this:  “Dad, I want to go play football.”  “Sure son, as soon as you help me fix the water heater.”  As a result I have no fear about trying almost any project in my house or on my car.  Of course as fathers all want to do he bestowed additional wisdom about certain projects.  “Son, it’s hard to beat a man at what he does all week.”   I’m afraid I did not always abide in this truth. I’ve personally violated at least a third of the recommendations in this article.  Ask me sometime about the “Skunk Story” (I won but I had to shave my goatee).

Bottom line?  Talk to your favorite real estate professional (presumably me) about what projects make economic sense to do yourself and to add value and which ones can be downright dangerous!

It’s a good life.


Source: 13 Home Improvements that are illegal to DIY