aliceWe just had a gathering of 14 members of our Platinum Club and our consensus advice to sellers:  “Hurry up and put it on the market!”

Inventory region wide is barely keeping it’s head above 4,000 units which is down 19% from last year.  Interest rates jumped up but have leveled off prompting buyers to act with more of a sense of urgency.  Consumer confidence is at a 13 year high!!!  So if you are willing to put your home in show ready condition and hire a top notch marketer (like yours truly) this is your time.

One interesting statistic came up which buttresses the drum beat all of my readers have been hearing from me about market ready condition.  The average days on the market is down 9% from last year, but the median days on market is down 21%.  This instructive disparity demonstrates that good properties are moving quicker but a significant numbers of poorly prepped homes languish on the market pulling the average up.

So what does that mean for buyers?  There are good homes coming on the market continually but they are flying right back off so you need to be prepared (pre-approved) and vigilant.  But that is not enough.  Talk to me about some of the strategies that I employ to identify homes before they hit the open market so we can beat the rest of the buyers to the punch!

Additionally you must remember that because this is a significant and long term investment one must not fall pray to desperation.  There is a balance and a broker who fully understands your wants and needs and is committed to helping you meet them rather than just find “a place”  is a must.”

It’s a good life.