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How Smart Is Your Bathroom?

By |2017-07-13T15:57:12-04:00July 13th, 2017|

New Bumper Sticker:  "My Bathroom made the Honor Roll in Fairfax Heights" When I travel to Liberia I'm often taking bucket showers so Smart Bathrooms like these blow my mind.  Pretty soon we'll need an AI just to go to use the facilities.

July Market Update

By |2022-07-19T15:37:12-04:00July 3rd, 2017|

Wow, it’s the Fourth of July already! Will we see our sellers celebrate? Will we see our buyers celebrate? The answer – it depends. I'm not equivocating, it's just that this market, as I've been preaching for months, is not uniform so a lot depends upon the location and price point of the [...]

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