How important is a septic inspection?  Pretty darn important!

How come!?  When you read this article realize that for some reason homeowners broadly pay less attention to their septic systems than they probably should.  For this reason and due to the fact that issues with septic systems are sometimes very expensive, especially if it involves the field, when you buy a home you need to really do your homework.  On all my purchase transactions I highly encourage the most comprehensive inspection possible which I attend along with the buyers.  It’s not cheap to do but I would say that close to half the time issues are uncovered, often unbeknownst to the seller.  As a homeowner, you should have your tank pumped every 3 years.  This will keep it in fighting trim and give you a look into the tank regularly.  If you are out in some of the further west counties and have an alternative system, annual inspections are often mandated.  As always give me a call about this or any real estate related matter, no matter how tangential.