I’ll bet you didn’t even know there were 14 important things to do when buying new! 

This is the final post in the New Construction section of my series on upgrading your living situation.  Next week we will dive into buying resales and then get to remodeling and expanding in place.  This is a good article about 10 important things along with 4 important additional ones below.

11) Negotiate!  Whether it’s straight up on the price, option packages or with concessions tied to lender usage.  I know which builders will work with you in these areas and which ones, and which communities, where the price is the price.

12) Picking the right floor plans and customizations.   This is your baby to build of course but certain floor plans are more in keeping with the current trends.  And I’ve had more than one builder adopt floor plan customizations my clients and I have come up with into their future designs.

13) Recognize which builder options represent value.  There are always options that the builders offer that are good values (like additional square footage or 3rd garages) and some that do not (like certain front elevations, decks and patio’s, etc).  Hire an experienced broker like me who owned a remodeling company and knows what options represent value and which ones are better done later.

14) Don’t under build.  This can be as bad as over building.  In some areas and price points, especially on the higher end, only having 2 full baths upstairs or a 2 car garage instead of 3 might be a huge market limiter.  You might be better off shifting your budget from some high end flooring, cabinetry or counter options into these areas.

As always if you need assistance with new home purchase reach out to me and working together as a team we’ll maximize your results and the experience when buying new.

It’s a good life.