House Hunting on Your Terms

I’ve been getting lots of calls from past and current clients asking me about the state of the market, how business is being conducted in the altered environment and how that impacts them as home buyers and sellers.  The short answer is I’m meeting people at the level they are comfortable at.  No more all of us jumping in the car together.  But masking and gloving up and handing out sanitizer while looking?  Sure.  Me running FaceTime tours for people who are in vulnerable categories or who don’t want to take chances?  You bet. Virtual Tours or Matterport 3D technology for home sellers where it makes sense?  Absolutely.  The fact that the market is still rocking shows that we are adapting to this new environment in successful ways. Here is a great article about how I am using technology and adaptability to meet my clients needs and if you want some of the best up to date information on the mortgage and real estate market check out my regular blogs or reach out to me to discuss how we can work collaboratively to meet your real estate needs in the wacky environment.