Study: 3 in 4 Mortgage Holders Could Benefit From Refinancing

Don’t miss this historic opportunity to re-set your mortgage and budget

I was shocked to read this article which states that over 19 MILLION homeowners might still benefit from a re-fi but haven’t done so yet.  Assumptions are dangerous things and I kind of assumed most of my clients who would benefit from a re-finance had done so.  That is likely not the case.  So I am reaching out to all of you and exhort you to reach out to me to discuss whether a refinance makes sense.  I can tell you about your equity position and loan options and put you with the best lenders as well.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospective process.  Even if you did a re-finance as recently as a year or 2 ago it might still make some sense.  Remember I’m a resource and helping you buy or sell your home is just the start of the things I can do to serve you.