We Bought a House Sight Unseen—and It Turned Out To Be a Total Nightmare

Don’t go too crazy to get that house!

One of the new ways some buyers are trying to beat the market and get into properties is to submit contracts on homes “sight unseen”.  I’ve done that in the past with buyers that I shot detailed video with and in models and communities that they were familiar with but if you are going to go this route, be really, really careful.  In many instances it’s not a great strategy from the sellers perspective unless you literally remove all contingencies so you can’t back out if you go through the home and change your mind.  Otherwise they’ll take a contract from someone who has seen the home.   Of course in that scenario you bear an incredible amount of risk.  Call me to discuss less draconian ways we can position you to have a leg up in finding a home.  Here’s an excellent article that goes over the pitfalls of sight unseen contracts.