The REAL Market Update

By |2022-07-29T13:45:09-04:00July 29th, 2022|

The anecdotal evidence from my brokerage firm and the data continue to tell the story of a still robust Northern Virginia market but one that is moderating.  Inventory this week is up to 3,824 homes.  Slightly better than 2021 which was at 3,571.   But home sales themselves have taken a DEEP dive year [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2022-07-22T14:06:28-04:00July 22nd, 2022|

After the previous post's long analytical missive I am going to focus largely on anecdotal evidence we are seeing out there to let you know what is going on in the real estate market. As inventory continues to increase and sales moderate a tad we are up to a 1.4 months supply of [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2022-07-19T20:36:32-04:00July 19th, 2022|

This week we are graduating from ECON 201 to ECON 301.  Welcome to the new class!  I typically go over inventory levels and strong data analysis and interpretation to benefit my real estate clients.  We'll do that as well this week but we're going to dive into some major economic headlines, as well [...]

July Newsletter

By |2022-07-15T08:54:10-04:00July 15th, 2022|

July Market Update & Newsletter Welcome to summer - and all the fun associated with it!  What does summer mean to you?  Trips to the beach?  Cookouts with family and friends?  A trip to the local winery or micro-brewery?  Baseball games?  How about amusement parks?  I don't know about you but when I'm at an amusement park, [...]

The REAL Market Update

By |2022-07-01T14:41:55-04:00July 1st, 2022|

The market has absolutely shifted, but don't expect a sea of change, at least here in NOVA.  The last 6 weeks or so have brought a perfect storm of a stock market crash, a precipitous rise in interest rates, and a bunch of buyers tired of writing great contracts and being told it [...]

June Newsletter

By |2022-06-10T17:18:09-04:00June 10th, 2022|

June Newsletter and Market Update Lately, we’ve been having conversations with each other, our clients, and other elite professionals in the industry, both locally and around the country, to better understand what is happening today in the real world and the Northern Virginia real estate market.  Think Wall Street Journal, not CNBC.  There [...]

Is Granite on It’s Way Out?

By |2022-04-27T13:24:26-04:00April 27th, 2022|

Is Granite on It's Way Out? According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, granite countertops are in less demand today, while the use of quartz is on the rise. Why? For one thing, man-made quartz countertops are offered in a far greater range of looks and feels. Reason number two: it’s a [...]

April Newsletter

By |2022-04-22T15:41:33-04:00April 22nd, 2022|

April Newsletter and Market Update What's going on with this weather?  Cold temps, blustery winds, snow, sleet, and sometimes sunshine and warm temperatures all on the same day.  I switched over to A/C weeks ago and woke up this morning wondering why I could see my breath! These conditions remind me of the [...]

Unique Home Accents to Make Your Home More Fun

By |2022-04-05T18:00:02-04:00April 5th, 2022|

Unique Home Accents to Make Your Home More Fun Are you looking for out-of-the-box decorating ideas for your space? Below are a handful of interesting accent ideas to up the creativity of your interior design. Hanging accent lights. Caged, bubbled, modern, antique—there are myriad styles for hanging accent lights, which can be clustered, paired [...]

Apps to Make Saving Easier

By |2022-04-01T10:45:06-04:00April 1st, 2022|

Apps to Make Saving Easier Saving for a home, retirement, a vacation or anything else can be difficult. The median retirement savings of all working-age families in the United States is $5,000, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Given that many financial advisers recommend having about $1 million in retirement, that leaves many [...]

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