It is hard to believe that the fall season is already upon us. Time truly flies. Three quarters of the year has past and as we head into the final quarter, we continue to see a decent real estate market. You are going to see a theme in my comments. Sales have been consistent, inventory has been consistent and prices have remained, well, consistent. I think this trend is going to continue for us until the holiday season.

In addition to our housing market, job growth and salaries have been consistent and I think this too will stay the course. As a result, my opinion is we are in the current market for the foreseeable future. Of course, the holidays will be slow and the spring market will have a strong showing, but overall, I still believe we are in the market we are in for a while. The less volatile the better. Slow and steady works just fine. Other areas of the country are not in the same boat.  Low inventory levels and high demand have sent prices skyrocketing and now, they are, in some cases, facing a correction. If you check out my other recent blog posts you will see my explanations for why that has not occurred here. It is better to be here than elsewhere based upon some of the doom and gloom we have heard recently from our friends nationally.

All this being said, every market is different especially considering whether you are buying or selling, so please call me to learn more about your situation and how this market affects you. I hope you enjoy the colors of the fall, apple picking and pumpkin patches and I will be in touch next month.

It’s a good life.