Is Uber a component of your commute plan?

Lot’s of my clients and I have been talking about how ride sharing services could fill in some gaps in commute options which is having something of an impact on buying decisions.  I always thought that these services would actually increase total driving miles in a region as people who would normally utilize less nimble options like bus services or even longer walks to transportation hubs would jump to ride sharing and it seems from this article that might be the case.  My Nephews now ask for Uber gift cards for birthdays and Christmas.  It does raise some interesting real estate questions.  Do properties that are now just outside of normal walking distance to a Metro or VRE become more valuable if a $7 Lyft ride gets you there quicker than the more expensive property that’s a 10 minute walk away?   Either way these services are going to become an increasingly more integrated component of travel in the region and it will be interesting to see how the mass transit systems respond and what innovations it spawns.