It might be time to re-fi!

With all that’s going on with this disruption of our lives things like paying attention to your mortgage rate might be something that slides to the back burner.  However, in particular for conforming loans (up to $510,400) we are near or at historic lows so it might be time to look into a re-fi and a “no cost” option might be the way to go.  I’m not a big fan of “Rules of Thumbs” in real estate as they often don’t bear out and depending on the circumstances of your situation even a modest drop in the rate of half a percent might be worth pursuing.  As always call me about your situation and goals and timelines and we’ll sit down together and crunch some numbers to see if it makes sense.  Here’s a good article that lays out many of the factors to consider.  Stay safe!  It’s a good life.  Chris