It might be time to move….or it might be time to re-finance

A confluence of circumstances have driven rates to historic lows and I’m getting tons of calls from clients about seizing the opportunity to purchase, to re-finance, or to leverage their equity for a home improvement.  This is a good article about setting expectations for a refinance, but I will also tell you that I can refer you to some elite lenders who will deliver you outstanding service in this realm.  The equity in your home is an asset and a treasure that you can utilize in many ways.  Peace of mind.  A tappable resource to do remodels or additions.  A resource for you to write a non contingent offer on another home.  Whether it’s HELOCS, purchase loans or re-financing programs, rate and product offerings are undergoing constant and significant changes on a weekly basis.  So what ever you are considering reach out to me, let me know what your goals are, and I’ll ensure you have a profitable experience.