The Pros and Cons of Finishing Your Unfinished Basement

Gotta disagree with Bob Villa!

I generally agree with Old Bob and post to that effect but when it comes to finishing basements off I’m a lot more bullish than Bob!  This article goes into the pros and cons and gives me a great opportunity to comment on those.  I’d posit that the con’s aren’t really a big deal and in fact the only truly big deal from my perspective is finishing too much of the space and not leaving enough raw storage.

Con #1:  “Won’t recoup all your expenses”  This is true of most home projects but you’ll get a very high percentage of it if you do it right and you’ll should get tons of use and utility from it over the years.

Con #2: “Basements can be dark”.  True in ground basements are more prone to this but there are incredible new lighting technologies available that can provide both ambiance and brightness.  And you can always do large window wells for additional light.

Con #3: “Moisture can be a problem”.  This is an issue whether you finish the space or not and it’s rare that it’s not correctable through a number of means, some of them often (though not always) simple and inexpensive.

I generally like and agree with Bob but like my buddy Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor I gotta disagree! Call me if you are considering remodeling or finishing your basement and I’ll be happy to assist!

It’s a good life.